Waging Heavy Peace

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Neil Young: Waging Heavy Peace – book review

Sort order. Dec 04, Joe rated it it was amazing. Neil and I are neighbors, sort of. For odd years. That is, we live on the same mountain and I pass by his gate all the time when I'm on the way to some job or other I'm in construction. We've been in the same places, sometimes, but we've never talked. I'm fine with that, and I'm sure he is, too. He's a public person but a private soul. People should be left alone when they want to be left alone. This book is all the conversations we never had. A lifetime of rambling chitchat, some of it sil Neil and I are neighbors, sort of.

A lifetime of rambling chitchat, some of it silly, some of it boring, most of it straight from the heart. Neil is an amazing, funny, honest man. I already knew it from his music and his interviews, but this book fills in the blanks: his old cars, his Lionel trains, his family, his wonderful children. His son Ben sells eggs, and I've bought them - it's all part of the neighborhood.

It's a mess of a book, and I love it. Don't go methodically from page one to the end. You'll go nuts. I read it pretty much the way I read an encyclopedia: here and there, skipping around, following what interests me at that particular time. Like conversing well, listening with an old friend. Which Neil and I are. Only he doesn't know it. View all 3 comments. Dec 23, Stuart rated it it was ok Shelves: biography.

Not the best biography I have ever read. In fact, honestly, not really a biography at all. I found it incoherent, in the sense that it did not stick together. I am not sure if this was the effect the author wanted to create, a lot of random mini-stories thrown together. If so, he succeeded. If he was going for a biography, he failed.

We get it, Neil, OK? Now can we get to the biography part? So in terms of actual biography, we get a fair amount about his roots in Ontario, which is interesting, though fragmented. We hear a lot about his hobbies; again very interesting, but can we hear about CSNY too? But again, I felt all these stories could have been organized and presented in a more coherent manner. Sorry, Neil. The music still great, though! View all 12 comments.

Jan 20, Tim Hicks rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Three stars by any rational measure - but somehow I'm giving it four anyway. It rambles, repeats itself, bogs down in detail or flies over important stuff.

Book Review: Waging Heavy Peace, by Neil Young | National Post

It's easy to say it needs an editor or a ghost writer - but it wouldn't have been the same and might not have been better. Near the end Young reflects that he might have been a better person.

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But throughout the book it's clear that for all his clashes and snap decisions, he has also spent time being a good person. We see who he worked with and Three stars by any rational measure - but somehow I'm giving it four anyway. We see who he worked with and who influenced him; we get a feel for the things he obsesses about. We see a lot of evidence that Young has had a lot of money for a long time.

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If he sees something he likes, he buys it or funds it. Near the end he has eight houses on two properties. But he never once seems like a guy who was ever motivated by money. His laser focus on music is very clear. It's lost him friends, and made him friends, and brought in that money that lets him have hobbies. And it's fascinating to see that the music focus perhaps spills over to his hobbies, in sort of a go-big-or-go-home way.

And we see a bit about his relationship with his two physically-challenged sons. It's clear that having money helped him deal with the challenges, but nevertheless it's quite remarkable that the boys appear as his friends who happen to need help doing things. A lot goes unsaid, but it's his choice. And we gradually come to understand, now that he's clean and dry, the amazing extent to which Young spent decades marinading in drugs and alcohol, and managed to steer through when some close friends didn't. Conclusion from book: he's really one of a kind, and interesting.

View 1 comment. Oct 28, mark rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Neil Young fans, memoirists, Creatives. Shelves: nonfiction , favorites , biography-memoir. Neil Young is one of my best friends. I am starving for the stimulation of connection with like-minded souls. I wonder if Neil Young will get around to reading him now that Young has moved into writing as a means of creative expression. Louis C K continues to impress me with his ever-e Neil Young is one of my best friends. Louis C K continues to impress me with his ever-evolving insight and forthright take into the human condition via his comedic creativity.

Neil Young surprises me with this memoir, which fills in some of mysteries of his music and life.

follow site He is 67 at the time of the writing and seven months sober — which he got into being straight for fear that he might lose his mind like his father did; AND, he has a lot more he wants to say via writing. It appears from nowhere as a new release on Rhapsody. No radio play. No hype announcement. Just real good country. I suddenly realize that things have changed so much that I might be getting lost. The old ways I know are losing ground.

My way is fading. But I still feel.

No one can take that away from me. It is a gift I still have and I want my own music to feel alive and vibrant as what I am hearing now. Will that happen?

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Will I just be reliving my glory days when I record again?