The New Early Years Foundation Stage

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Statutory Framework for the EYFS

These are; Literacy. Understanding the world. Expressive arts and design. Read plenty of books together. Play lots of games together-spending quality time with your child is the very best way to help them learn and develop.

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New to Early Years Foundation Stage

You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. They are the fundamental principles outlining how providers of early years care should operate in order to adhere to the EYFS.

The framework details how and when assessments should take place to ensure children are developing in the specific areas. The results of these assessments should be made available to parents and carers in the form of a written summary.

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  • Here are just a few examples of the requirements that early years education and childcare providers must meet according to the EYFS. Failing to comply with any one of these requirements would be cause for official complaint and would lead to an inspection by Ofsted.


    All early years education and childcare providers commit to following the EYFS and it is this framework that is used by Ofsted as the basis for their inspections on quality and standards. If, for example, a nursery is deemed to be underperforming and is issued a 'notice to improve', this will be due to a failure to meet requirements laid out in the EYFS. The EYFS is designed to be used by early years professionals and the relevant governing bodies rather than parents and carers, but it can still be useful for parents wanting to know more about the guidelines within the sector. If you are a parent and have a complaint or concern about your nursery or other early years provider, you may find the EYFS a useful point of reference, particularly if you are writing a formal complaint.

    You can use our template letter to help you if you wish to complain about your child's nursery.