The First Man in Rome (Masters of Rome, Book 1)

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Series: Masters of Rome

To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. She was honey-colored. Skin, hair, eyes, each a mellow gradation of amber. Of course it had been Julilla who laughed. Julilla laughed at everything. A restless and unintellectual Julia, this one. They crammed the rest of their sticky bread into their mouths, wiggled their fingers daintily through a bowl of water and then a cloth, and followed Marcia out of the room. Stodgy, unglamorous cloaks. Both girls looked disappointed, but knew better than to protest; they endured being wrapped up like caterpillars into cocoons, only their faces showing amid fawn folds of homespun.

Identically swaddled herself, Marcia formed up her little convoy of daughters and servant escort, and led it through the door into the street. They had lived in this modest house on the lower Germalus of the Palatine since Father Sextus had bestowed it upon his younger son, Gaius, together with five hundred iugera of good land between Bovillae and Aricia—a sufficient endowment to ensure that Gaius and his family would have the wherewithal to maintain a seat in the Senate.

But not, alas, the wherewithal to climb the rungs of the cursus honorum , the ladder of honor leading up to the praetorship and consulship. Father Sextus had had two sons and not been able to bear parting with one; a rather selfish decision, since it meant his property—already dwindled because he too had had a sentimental sire and a younger brother who also had to be provided for—was of necessity split between Sextus, his elder son, and Gaius, his younger son.

The First Man in Rome (Audiobook) by Colleen McCullough |

It had meant that neither of his sons could attempt the cursus honorum , be praetor and consul. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview With extraordinary narrative power, New York Times bestselling author Colleen McCullough sweeps the reader into a whirlpool of pageantry and passion, bringing to vivid life the most glorious epoch in human history.

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The Roman Empire: Augustus' Order (1st Century A.D.) - 1 of 4

Hometown: Norfolk Island, 1, miles off the Australian coast. Date of Birth: June 1, Education: Attended University of Sydney. The First Man in Rome.

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The First Man in Rome, 1st Edition

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