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Traditional dogma is shunned as a basis for morality on the grounds that humans should not need deities or fear of eternal punishment to distinguish right from wrong and to do good. All ideas should be tested before being accepted, and even then one should remain skeptical because knowledge and understanding are fluid. Regardless of whether Lucifer is conceived of as a deity or as a mere archetype, he is a representation of ultimate knowledge and exploration as well as humanity's savior and a champion for continuing personal growth. Some Luciferians believe in Lucifer as an actual deity.

However, Lucifer is not worshipped as the Judeo-Christian God but is revered and followed as a teacher and friend. Theistic Luciferians are followers of the Left-Hand Path and may adhere to different dogmata put forth by organizations such as the Neo-Luciferian Church or other congregations which are heavily focused on ceremonial magic , the occult , and literal interpretations of spiritual stories and figures. Lucifer the Lightbearer was an individualist anarchist journal published in the United States by Moses Harman in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It has been reported that "[t]he title was selected, stated Harman, because it expressed the paper's mission. Lucifer, the name given to the morning star by the people of the ancient world, served as the symbol of the publication and represented the ushering in of a new day. He declared that freethinkers had sought to redeem and glorify the name Lucifer while theologians cursed him as the prince of the fallen angels. Harman suggested that Lucifer would take on the role of an educator.

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Lucifer was a publication edited by the influential occultist Helena Blavatsky. The journal was first published by Blavatsky. From until Blavatsky's death in May , Annie Besant was a co-editor. Rudolf Steiner 's writings, which formed the basis for anthroposophy , characterised Lucifer as a spiritual opposite to Ahriman , with Christ between the two forces, mediating a balanced path for humanity.

Lucifer represents an intellectual, imaginative, delusional, otherworldly force which might be associated with visions, subjectivity, psychosis and fantasy. He associated Lucifer with the religious and philosophical cultures of Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Steiner believed that Lucifer, as a supersensible Being, had incarnated in China about years before the birth of Christ.

In what is known as the Taxil hoax , he alleged that leading Freemason Albert Pike had addressed "[t]he 23 Supreme Confederated Councils of the world" an invention of Taxil , instructing them that Lucifer was God, and was in opposition to the evil god Adonai. Supporters of Freemasonry contend that, when Albert Pike and other Masonic scholars spoke about the "Luciferian path" or the "energies of Lucifer", they were referring to the Morning Star, the light bearer, [30] the search for light; the very antithesis of dark, Satanic evil.

Taxil promoted a book by Diana Vaughan actually written by himself, as he later confessed publicly [31] that purported to reveal a highly secret ruling body called the Palladium , which controlled the organization and had a Satanic agenda. As described by Freemasonry Disclosed in With frightening cynicism, the miserable person we shall not name here [Taxil] declared before an assembly especially convened for him that for twelve years he had prepared and carried out to the end the most sacrilegious of hoaxes.

We have always been careful to publish special articles concerning Palladism and Diana Vaughan.

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We are now giving in this issue a complete list of these articles, which can now be considered as not having existed. Taxil's work and Pike's address continue to be quoted by anti-Masonic groups. In Devil-Worship in France , Arthur Edward Waite compared Taxil's work to what today we would call a tabloid story, replete with logical and factual inconsistencies.

Madeline Montalban was an English astrologer and witch. She co-founded the esoteric organisation known as the Order of the Morning Star OMS , through which she propagated her own form of Luciferianism. In , she met Nicholas Heron, with whom she entered into a relationship.

An engraver , photographer, and former journalist for the Brighton Argus , he shared her interest in the occult and together they developed a magical system based upon Luciferianism, the veneration of the deity Lucifer , or Lumiel, whom they considered to be a benevolent angelic deity. In Rules for Radicals his final work, published in one year before his death , the prominent American community organizer and writer Saul Alinsky wrote at the end of his personal acknowledgements:.

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Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which , the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

In Anton LaVey 's The Satanic Bible , Lucifer is one of the four crown princes of hell , particularly that of the East, the "lord of the air ", and is described as the bringer of light, the morning star, intellectualism, and enlightenment.

Author Michael W. Ford has written on Lucifer as a "mask" of the adversary, a motivator and illuminating force of the mind and subconscious. The GCoL focuses more on teachings based on the practical world. After many mind-bogglingly sadistic experiences, she ends up in the Vatican, determined to see the Pope's prick and to fuck him.

Before they have sex, they discuss crime and murder. The Pope acknowledges that murderers aren't criminals and should instead be compared with weapons of Nature such as war, famine and plague. What's the difference between being the victim of a serial killer or an earthquake? In both cases, Nature has killed you. Why then do we call those who injure us immoral? I suppose because man has choice and free will, thunderstorms don't!!

Sade's Pope says, "You will always find wrongs measured not by the size of the offence but by the vulnerability of the aggressor; and there is your explanation why wealth and position are always right. Afterwards, an orgy is held in the Sistine Chapel, giving Juliette's accomplices an opportunity to rob the Pope's treasury and help themselves to a fortune. Lady Clairwil, the English aristocrat for whom Juliette works, dreams of committing the perfect crime. She declares, "What I should like to find is a crime, the effects of which would be perpetual, even when I myself do not act, so that there would not be a single moment of my life, even when I was asleep, when I was not the cause of some chaos, a chaos of such proportions that it would provoke a general corruption or a disturbance and that even after my death its effects would still be felt.

Long dead, their toxic psychopathic Satanic legacy is with us every day and still growing. Many feminists have been taken in by Sadist propaganda and found themselves finding the virtuous sister Justine rather pathetic and the wicked sister Juliette disturbingly invigorating, like an ancient Maenad reborn. Satanic Cultic rites associated with worship of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus or Bacchus in Roman mythology , were characterized by maniacal dancing to the sound of loud music and crashing cymbals, in which the revellers, called Bacchantes, whirled, screamed, became drunk and incited one another to greater and greater ecstasy - thus sending back their energy to those who have implanted them.

The rite climaxed in a performance of frenzied feats of strength and madness, such as uprooting trees, tearing a bull the symbol of Dionysus apart with their bare hands, an act of Sacrifice of the Bull representing the raw strength of Humanity, called sparagmos, and eating its flesh raw, an act called omophagia.

The Enlightened Luciferian, by Simon Mark Alvarez

This latter rite was a sacrament akin to communion in which the participants assumed the strength and character of the god by symbolically eating the raw flesh and drinking the blood of his symbolic incarnation. Having symbolically eaten his body and drunk his blood, the celebrants became possessed by Dionysus Such a notorious individual as Sade could not escape the scrutiny of the Revolution and he was charged with various crimes. He would certainly have gone to the guillotine had not Robespierre and St Just been overthrown soon after he was indicted.

Nevertheless, condemned from all quarters, he ended up back in the mental asylum where he was allowed to stage plays he had written, using the inmates as actors, and attracting a high class, voyeuristic audience. A report was sent to Napoleon describing Sade as being "in a perpetual state of lascivious furore, which constantly compels him to monstrous thoughts and actions.

If there is no evil in the animal world and man is a mere animal then how can anything be described as evil? B ut as Tolkien says, "Evil Is!

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Sade might be called an extreme libertarian and anarchist. He argued that any government that advocates equality should also endorse theft as a means of redistributing wealth more evenly. The state agreed and instigated taxes. Like Rousseau, he thought that many of the evils of the world were the direct result of private property.

He said, "It cannot be a just law that orders a man who has nothing to respect another who has everything. The "law", above all else, is about preventing nature taking its course - because we are not animals. What separates man from animals is "Imago Dei" only man has the possibility, with much meditation of Soul connected Dharma - about protecting the wealth that the rich stole from others.

How many of the modern wealthy come from families that profited from the immoral enslavement of others? If their riches were from an immoral and now illegal source, why are those riches respected as legal and moral? All wealth derived from slavery should have been seized by the State in the name of the people, justice and morality. It should then have been given to the former slaves as reparation for the crimes they suffered. Throughout history the problem has been the Oligarchic "Principle of Poverty".

The problem has been created scarcity as a methodology of enslavement. Today, however with Science. Free energy from fission and fusion. Vast infrastructure improvements in irrigation and nuclear desalination. Cyber-Robots running the factories. This was the plan of assassinated John F. By he planned to have fusion power plants online and nuclear rockets for Mars and all the necessary commodities available from the Asteroid belt.

His plan was for more water, irrigation infrastructure to triple the agriculture of the United States and throughout the world for increased richness, cheaper power, a more richer, more evolved humanity. It is possible for everyone to be rich from birth. So it is no longer necessary to take and divide from anyone. If everyone has enough, why should we worry if some have more unless they use their wealth to perpetuate Satanic Austerity?

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Sade attempted to get the Revolutionary government of France to abolish Christianity and replace it with the amoral atheistic cult of Reason and Virtue. It always astonished him that Christianity hadn't been destroyed by ridicule at its inception. Sade recognised the profound link between the priestly caste and the royal. He said, "Tyranny and religious superstition were nurtured in the same cradle, both were daughters of fanaticism, both were served by those useless creatures known as the priest in the temple and the monarch on the throne: having a common foundation they could not but protect each other.

Sade's Satanic philosophy can be summed up as "might is right"; the world is amoral and Nature is based on creation and destruction, so no one is entitled to condemn the forces of destruction.

Why Lucifer is a Symbol of Enlightenment

Any claims to a moral order are based on hypocrisy and covert exploitation. Sade's philosophy is psychopathic, without empathy, without conscience, there is only the victim. Sade's philosophy is Satanic Darwinism: all weakness must perish, and the weak can have no complaint. Nature conferred weakness upon them and Nature will kill them for it. Sade remains an immensely disturbing figure. He desired not sexual partners but victims, denied of all rights.