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Finkel mines the true story of Christopher Knight, who spent 27 years camping alone in the oft-unforgiving Maine wilds. How did he survive? Not by being neighborly. A lightening-fast read. Writing about it is even more complicated.

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If spending some beach time with a feisty wife trying to escape her cyberstalking tech mogul husband by bunking up with her father and his sex doll in a senior citizen trailer park sounds like your jam, then this book is for you. Bring tissues! The Scottish McLeod family—with their secrets and betrayals, longings, and heartbreaks—will engage and delight you. The resulting inertia and lack of routine push her to confront who she is and her relationships with others.

Lipman is brilliant with dialogue and characters and can spin a provocative tale that still manages to feel punchy and light. One of my favorite novels of all time. Part love story, part mystery, part aching historical journey, Birdsong explores the territory of France before, during, and after the First World War, and the effect of apocalypse on the human spirit.

Like the best of summer reads, it absorbs you utterly until the ending hurls you to a drunken, extraordinary stop. It's a page-turner with a WASPy bite. Andrea Barrett's Ship Fever is another favorite. How is that a beach read, you may be asking? It's so gripping and moving you'll forget you're at the beach I promise. I also love One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. In one wild moment, when her book came with stickers with their names, I put them on the back bumper of our SUV.

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My husband is Morelli, the good guy. No one has mentioned it yet.

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In the Tuscan village of Cortona, she discovers a broken down villa she painstakingly restores and names Bramasole, and eventually the solace of cooking and gardening mend her broken heart. This iconic novel tells the story of three friends, all trying to make it in the entertainment industry, who claw their way to the top with the help of each other, various celebrities they meet along the way, and of course, their beloved 'dolls. I love Faulkner. Faulkner is not a beach read. But there are so many!

Maine , by J. There is so much tenderness and wit in this debut novel; it will make you nostalgic for your year abroad even if you never had one. These stories are gorgeously written and full of humanity. Really fun read. July 03, Pin ellipsis More. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

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Up Next Cancel. But when a tropical storm hits the Caribbean coastline, the hosts and the guests are trapped at the Mexican resort, where secrets are exposed, trust is tested, and the illusion of Drs. Jasmine Guillory is the queen of contemporary romance. If you've been following Guillory 's two previous novels, The Wedding Date and The Proposal , then her most recent book picks up with the acquaintances of familiar characters Alexa and Drew. Alexa and Drew are getting married, but the story primarily involves their friends and wedding party members, Theo and Maddie. In an affluent town in Colorado, a new, top-tier school for gifted students is opening up. What starts out as a healthy competition among the close-knit community of moms and dads spirals into something sinister. This coming-of-age novels offers up a healthy dose of late '80s nostalgia, and it's a breezy read for book enthusiasts. Eve Rosen is a woman in her mid-twenties working a dead-end job, but she has dreams of becoming a writer.

She takes a job as an assistant for a famous writer, and the job teaches her more about herself than she bargained for. As she struggles to figure out her identity, Eve makes a ton of mistakes on her road to literary success. Williams told Goodreads the book is full of politics, gentrification, bad sex, and worse decisions—plus relatable WhatsApp group chats. But then one day she sees something dangerous happening—and no one believes her when she reports it. As you thumb through this fast-paced read, you'll find yourself questioning Anna's story, too.

Diane Fleming and Kit Owens are two young girls who formed an unlikely bond when they were teenagers, based on their shared career interests. Alex Michaelides' new psychological thriller will keep you guessing right until the very end. Alicia was committed into a mental health facility after being charged with killing her husband. Though she hasn't spoken since the murder, you learn about her story through Theo's observances. The book highlights the life of a lesser-known female god named Circe who wills herself to power through the use of dark magic and witchcraft—and finally puts a strong yet flawed heroine front and center.

There's a reason why Taylor Jenkins Reid's buzzy novel was handpicked by Reese Witherspoon as her latest book club selection. Reid weaves a tale about a fictional rock band that mirrors the story of Fleetwood Mac's rise to fame— and their breakup, as well as the pitfalls of stardom. While attending Columbia University, Jessica joins a classical music ensemble. The complex relationship and emotional dependency between the two characters is gut-wrenching—but an absolute must-read.

The Eat, Pray, Love author's new book doesn't hit shelves until June , but this one is worth pre-ordering. In a coming-of-age story, the reader is roped into the fanciful summer Vivian spends in the city—and the colorful characters she meets along the way. Unfortunately for Lucy, it becomes even more difficult to win Diane over when Diane turns up But did she really commit suicide? You'll just have to flip through this one to see. Award-winning Australian journalist Trent Dalton tries his hand at fiction with this debut.

The novel is centered around the story of Eli, a year-old boy growing up in the s in Brisbane, Australia. Can't get enough of young adult novels? Then you'll find Justin Reynold's book unputdownable. On first glance, the premise of blending love, friendship, and time travel might seem confusing. But here, it works. If you could go back in time to change a future outcome, would you?

That's what Jack Ellison King attempts to do by altering the fate of his girlfriend, Kate. Even better than the two main characters being African-American is the fact that the reader walks away learning to appreciate the present. Type keyword s to search. When We Left Cuba. The Bride Test. With the Fire on High.