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  1. Selected Tales by Nikolai Leskov!
  2. Handbook on Weaponry.
  3. The Essential Chomsky.

Edgar Allan Poe. Since their first publication in the s and s, Edgar Allan Poe's extraordinary Gothic tales have established themselves as classics of horror fiction and have also created many of the conventions which still dominate the genre of detective fiction.

As well as being highly enjoyable, Poe's tales are works of very real intellectual exploration. The Love of Nuns from Chapter 9.

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Love Got with Money Chapter The Love of Peasants from Book 2 from Chapter 8. How a king raised his son in darkness, then revealed to him all there was in the world, and how the boy found women above all things the most pleasing.

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How the Sultan in search of money tried to snare a Jew through litigation. The Never-ending Story. II, Chap.

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Excerpt More than a half century has passed since the death of Guy de Maupassant. Common types of primary sources include works of literature, historical documents, original philosophical writings, and religious texts. Read preview Overview.