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When the EMTs arrived, Robinson said, they seemed to care little about her well-being, and were more concerned with figuring out who would pay her bill than with treating her.

What does a paramedic do?

They ought to have treated her with dignity and respect, but I also know how they feel just from having to deal with my own anxiety on busy nights for the ambulance. For all the cost-cutting and neglect, you might at least expect ambulance services to be affordable. Yet as anyone who has taken one knows, consumers pay fat stacks of cash to keep this system running.

You can tell a lot about the American healthcare experience just from reading the Yelp reviews for American Medical Response. A sample:. Given the poor employment conditions, EMT culture should be fertile territory for left organizing. Good for them. If a job exists and you have to hire someone to do it, they deserve a living wage.

End of story. Fuck those guys. They would either act collectively to optimize the place or elect officers to dictate orders. Ideally, to combat fatigue, they would only ever work hours a day, 5 days a week.

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EMTs Help Us by Aaron R. Murray

Of course, it would cost far more than the current system. But the current system is disastrous, and getting profit out of emergency services means no more thousand-dollar one-mile rides. Capitalism struggles to fit emergency services into its overall structure.

Good emergency medical services are going to be expensive and unprofitable. The sheer cost of operating an emergency response service is why firefighting was ultimately turned into a public utility. In the beginning week of firefighter training, students learn that the Great Chicago Fire was the turning point that led to the extinction of private fire companies and the beginning of fire services as a widespread public utility.

9 HORRIFYING REAL Paramedic, EMT, and Police Calls - Emergency Service Scary Stories and Experiences

The same could be said for ambulances. Private ownership of emergency services ultimately endangers EMTs. Rather than fight other wage-earners over pay differences, first responders ought to decide among themselves how best to run their own organization. Current Affairs is not for profit and carries no outside advertising. We are an independent media institution funded entirely by subscribers and small donors, and we depend on you in order to continue to produce high-quality work.

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If you liked this article, you'll love our print edition. Subscribe today to Current Affairs magazine. August 30, Corporate corruption at its finest! They deserve negative stars — an immeasurable amount of negative stars. Alas, I am forced to give them one star, to which they could never hope to aspire. Fingerprint instructions and fee information for this service will be included in the online application process. Go to eLicense.

Health-care hiring boom

If an emergency medical service provider has been on active military duty for more than six months of a renewal period which prevented them from accessing continuing education, OHA-EMS may approve an extension of the current license to permit obtaining the required educational hours.

If you need to request a military extension submit your request to: EMS. PSU state. Emergency Medical Service providers who have an expired Oregon license may qualify for reinstatement. EMR licenses expired greater than 1 year will be required to:. For more information, contact Leslie. Huntington state. As of January 1, , all initial and reciprocity applicants must submit a FBI fingerprint-based national background check. Your browser is out-of-date! It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Learn how. Skip to main content. Full Width Column 1.

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