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Best of the Book Nook: Dave Barry in Cyberspace, by Dave Barry | Listen Notes

It's funny. You can read the chapters in any order. I suggest borrowing it from a library or a friend, because you'll finish it in less than an hour. Pick this book up at Amazon. Table of Contents. Whatever he writes, though, I don't think we have to worry about Dave calling for net regulation; in an interview with Reason [reasonmag. Uhm deja vu all over again, deja vu all over again Score: 1 by JB writes: We had this review not 2 weeks ago, didn't we?

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Here's the link Score: 2 by ch-chuck writes: Also, you can read Dave's weekly columns here [sacbee. From an older column paraphrasing from memory "Every day, Microsoft gets calls like this: Business: Help!

Our entire worldwide accounting system is locked up, and no matter what we type it just says, 'Who wants to know? I mean, sounds pretty serious. Business: We'll give you a million dollars if you tell us how to fix it. The check is in the mail! Even though this one is coming from a point of view a lot of us don't really share, I'll be he can still make most of us laugh. I'm still upset they took Dave's World off TV I just care whether it makes me laugh.

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And anyway, taste in humor is very subjective Unimaginable the concentration it must've taken to spell out all the WWW addresses he does in the chapters dealing with the Internet. Re:the story at the end Score: 1 by Atlas writes: True. I though it was kind of out of place in the book. One minute you're reading about boogers and chickets and the next you're into the story about an online relationship, seriously written.

Also, hewas definitely scathing towards the online porn industry, another voice from Dave Barry that we rarely hear. The book seemed a little disjointed as a result. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool.

Stern has gifted us with a review of Dave Barry's In Cyberspace. The book itself is , but I can attest to the sheer humour of it, simply by it's long half-life in washroom.

Dave Barry - Talks at Google

Click below to read more. It is funny to anybody who works with these machines, but is aimed at a slightly older and less sophisticated audience than the Slashdot crowd. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.


Dave Barry in cyberspace

More Login. The Review Wasn't in There Score: 1. Actually, the review wasn't in there last time-I had posted the first part by mistake. Re:My favorite line dimly recalled Score: 1. Actually, Jeff Goldblum's computer was a Powerbook, so it must have been MacOS that he infected them with that brought their systems down. Stern's comments about the use of IT actually retarding productivity in the last thirty years sound like an uncanny echo of Thomas K. Haven't yet managed to finish this book otherwise a review would be most appropriate, I guess ;- , but it hammers the point home and even offers a few solutions.

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It's nothing like Dave Barry. My favorite line dimly recalled Score: 1. Macintosh computers are popular among wusses who insist on on using an operating system that wasn't specifically designed to thwart them. Score: 1. I think I liked the last review better Re:the story at the end Score: 1.

His book on Japan was similar: Vintage humor throughout, and then a surprisingly sober, thoughtful reflective piece at the end. In fact, the last chapter of his Japan book was one of the best things he's ever written, humorous or otherwise. Uhm deja vu all over again, deja vu all over again Score: 1. We had this review not 2 weeks ago, didn't we? He had a software program that created rude anagrams derived from the letters in my name.

Dave Barry in Cyberspace

I have encountered Dave a few times since then at conventions and he was always exactly the same; constantly cracking wise throughout every conversation. It takes quite a bit of stamina to be funny all the time. Barry still puts out books and who knows, perhaps I can get another interview with him some time?

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I would love to see if he's still on all of the time. The man is in his seventies now. I wonder if he's still funny? There's certainly plenty of subjects to make jokes about these days. Related Program:.