Circuits and Systems for Future Generations of Wireless Communications

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Recent work demonstrates improvements over the state-of-the-art in extreme wideband operation. In a three level class-G system operating in the 1. A level-adaptable multi-stage class-G modulator is shown in Fig. For the continued work a new wideband PA characterization measurement system has been developed. Class-G already shows competitive performance compared to more established efficiency enhancement topologies like Doherty, Outphasing, and continuous ET.

Future work will include integrated solutions targeting future communication standards at higher frequencies. Further information regarding FBH's RF power devices ; see also our research news " Can Class-G supply modulated systems replace power amplifiers in single-input, single-output systems?

Department of Microelectronics

Wolff, W. Heinrich, M. Heinrich, O.

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Microwave Theory Tech. As these types of PAs are narrowband and the transistors require a proper input as well as output matching, they are limited in terms of flexibility and compactness. Moreover, it does not use any special reactive matching which saves area and thus cost. Due to the flexibility of the approach the MMIC PAs can be used and combined for different concepts and signal frequencies, respectively. One only has to adapt the output filter network.

Wentzel, M. Hossain, D. Stoppel, N. Weimann, V. Krozer, and W. Indium phosphide heterobipolar transistors InP HBTs are well suited for switching power-amplifier applications at mm-wave system frequencies in W-band and beyond, owed to their unique combination of high electron speed and high electric breakdown field along with the high current-to-capacitance ratio in their vertical architecture.

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Gallium nitride GaN transistors are presently the technology of choice if both high output power and efficiency at frequencies up to W-band are needed, as required for the 5G infrastructure. In the development of microwave power transistors it is very important to obtain first information on their performance under application-like conditions at an early stage in the design cycle.

These are also the frequencies addressed by the new load-pull measurement systems that have been set up at FBH. This allows nearly isothermal characterization under controlled conditions for the traps in the device. The transistor is biased in a quiescent point Q-point at a certain pre-condition for the traps and then shifted very fast to another operating point where the S-parameters are measured.

Electrical engineers develop 'beyond 5G' wireless transceiver

Ideally, the traps are too slow and maintain the state of the Q-point. Measurements are conducted in a system that can handle the full power of individual cells on-wafer. Topic: Next-Generation Wireless Communications. Ambitious agenda with demanding technical requirements. How FBH is addressing the 5G challenges. The need for versatile hardware components can be met by increasing the digital contents in the radio frontend. Replacing the microwave transmitter in the base stations by a digital version is the key step in this direction — and a disruptive one since all conventional microwave power amplifier PA concepts are still analog.

This turns the linear PA into a high-speed high-power switch, signals have to be studied in time rather than in frequency domain.

FBH has been focusing on this topic for some years, covering the entire chain with encoder and modulation scheme, GaN switch amplifier, and output filter. Significant progress has been made, achieving internationally leading results that demonstrate competitive performance regarding efficiency and linearity, plus the benefits of the digital concept.

1. Introduction

The ultra-high data rates promised by 5G — ten to one hundred times of what LTE offers presently — can only be reached with a combination of dedicated modulation schemes and high bandwidth. The advanced modulation schemes lead to a high peak-to-average power ratio, which greatly compromises PA efficiency and thus power consumption of the entire infrastructure. At the same time, wide bandwidth brings conventional PA concepts to their limits.

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FBH is working on this Gordian knot and has shown best-in-class high-bandwidth high-efficiency solutions based on a discrete envelope tracking approach. Promoting the digital era — components for a digital transmitter architecture. Digital transmitter architecture including modulator, PA stage and filter. Wavetable-based digital modulator. Challenging the analog world. Novel digital power amplifier module including output filter. In the analog domain, this project will study and implement a frequency detector, which will be used to assess the presence of used and unused spectral regions, which will facilitate the frequency agile operation techniques proposed in this project. More concretely, this project will study, design, prototyping and experimental validation of:. Status --Show all-- Ongoing Due. AEThER - Spectrally agile solutions for reconfigurable and sustainable transceivers for next generation wireless communications systems. Pham, D.